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Deposit for limestone, dolomite and limestone dolomitizirani that produces broken stone for concrete, road pavements and embankments reverse. It is located on the southern slopes of the western Balkan Mountains at about 4 kilometers northwest of Balsha and about 20 kilometers from Sofia.

The first geological studies in the region are carried out in 1965 In 1977-1978 g.e performed geological study of the deposit and confirmed the geological reserves. In 1992 construction was completed and started operation of the crush-fresh installation of the operating principle of the dry crushing and screening.

By 2001 Career and crush-presevnnite systems are operated by the Mining and extraction plant "Lyulyatsite" entering the bodies of former SO "Inzhstroy" - Sofia.

From 2001 Mine extractive factory "Balsha" PLC is a private limited company.


P. O. Box 1217, Balsha, Sofia, Bulgaria
Mine extractive factory
General Manager phone: +359 7118 22 14
  fax: +359 884 130 981
Chief Acountant phone: +359 7118 22 17, +359 7118 22 06
Sales phone: +359 888 258 907, +359 888 133 553
E-mail mdzbalsha@abv.bg

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